Alps Hotel

Alps Hotels Concept

Our main goal is to offer within our wide range of services, facilities one cannot usually find in 4-star hotels, within a three star hotel guest's budget.

Our concept includes:

  • Prime location and easy access
  • Comfortable and modern design
  • Spacious rooms (around 32 m2 +/- 10 %)
  • Small kitchen
  • Connecting room
  • Flexibility: long or short stays
  • Round the clock light room service
  • Coffee shop
  • Grocery service in house
  • Free Wi-Fi connection throughout
  • Business Center with conference rooms

Our customers are:

  • Expatriates, single or with family, arriving for a holiday or an employment, and staying a few months prior to permanent housing
  • Business travellers
  • Leisure travellers
  • Cost concious travellers

The Alps Hotel staff:

Alps Hotels is fully aware of the primary importance of the quality of customer services in the hotel industry's success.

Our staff will be carefully selected and teams will be trained by experts from SHH and its affiliated institutions.

To increase our profitability, the number of staff in Alps Hotel will always be kept low. For that purpose, we do not want to have large eating facilities that would demand too much work force.

Each team member's mission will be to have a "satisfied Alps Hotel guest" who "feels at home abroad". The staff's motto is: "WE CARE".